Monday 9 December 2013

Snowy Mountain Part 2

IMG_1203 - Copy - CopyHaving posted about this dessert last week, I actually made one for the weekend. Here it is on Saturday morning, having been weighted down all night. That’s a random selection of my ancient  metric and imperial weights.

Once I began the process Friday evening, I remembered that experience has shown that lining the bowl with cling film was a wise move. It means that the turning out process is much simpler [and also any gooey bits that escape the bowl are well contained]


See how easily that has come out [also please note the jar of Gary’s chutney lurking in the back of the shot. Gaz, it’s delicious! thankyou]You can also see the one triangle of sponge which only fitted in the wrong way round.


I dug out my tub of retro Christmas cake decorating bits. Holly,trees snowmen and paper Greetings.

I also snipped a length of the tree-trim beads that I had not needed elsewhere.

And here it is – my finished pudding – over Saturday and Sunday it served ten generous portions. The family think the snowmen are holding brooms – or maybe lacrosse sticks – or possibly giant matches. Whatever they are, they make the pud look good.IMG_1206

I ran out of inspiration for the cake, and just slapped on a coat of royal icing, and arranged the figures on top. I don’t think this would score many points on the GBBO. But I am happy with it.


All in all this weekend – Family Christmas Part 1 - has been great fun


  1. Yummy looking stuff you are making Angela .
    Re the shirt quilt on my blog . Need a few rummage
    sales . I used family stuff and the occasional charity one

  2. Your cakes are awesome! I think the snowmen are holding lacrosse sticks.


  3. Awesome cakes! The snowmen look like they're on top of a mountain ~ really pretty ~ and I love the nativity scene ~ the red and green ribbon just completes the touch. :-)

  4. The snowmen are on the curling team..they are ready to sweep the ice.
    Jane x

  5. My Christmas cakes quite often have a snowstorm theme when the royal icing just gets whipped into peaks! It's very quick and easy and I come from a line of women who decorate their cakes just like that...I love your little figurines on the top - can't make my mind up what they are made of, though, and whether they are edible? Do let us know, please? And the pudding looks amazing - well done you xxx


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