Friday 6 December 2013

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel!

Which angel is always late?

Whose halo is never straight?

Who’s still snoring at half past eight?

Whoops-A-Daisy Angel!

whoopsadaisy angelThis is the ‘Out-Of-The-Ark’ production which the children I have worked with this term will be doing next week. I have been making extra angel costumes, including one for W-A-D herself. I was given one costume as a pattern and made four from fabric in the Great Stash – a length of tee-shirt fabric, and a pair of curtains [I think these were in Liz’s bedroom at some point] Plus odd lengths of lace and elastic.

IMG_1177 - Copy (2)

IMG_1178 - Copy (2)

The angel wings [yeah, I know, I know…] are simply rectangles, gathered up in the centre and threaded through a lace loop on the centre back of the robe. Elastic loops will hold them onto the girls’ wrists. I’ll add bells later, so they jingle as they dance!Whoops-a-Daisy’s robe has a zigzag hem, and patches  – rectangles of white and gold Christmas fabric.


Bob made the intelligent suggestion of sewing some contrast stitching to emphasise the patches [rather like those “Tatty Teddies”]tatty teddy


  1. Both my boys have done this play and I love it. Love the outfits Ang.

  2. The Junior school at Hebron did Woops a Daisy Angel a couple of year ago - I seem to remember it was a lot of fun. Just watched them do Nativity Festivity this year, which the RS teacher commented covered the most of his year 12 chruch history course in an hour! I always love watching the junior school nativities, especially when they clearly have a gospel message.
    Next for Hebron this year is the Christmas dinner and Staff Panto tomorrow night - that certainly doesn't have a gospel message but should be a lot of fun!

    1. We were glad your parents could share news of Hebron and Mizpah last night.
      What role do you take in the Panto?

  3. Lovely! And Bob's idea about the stitches was spot on.


  4. Ah, you see, now I get the wings thing! Blogs beat facebook hands (and wings) down!

  5. My Grandaughter's going to be a snowflake in the same play. I can now confidently sing the chorus to perfection!'Whoops-a-Daisy,Whoops-a-Daisy,Whoops-a-Daisy Aaaaaangelllll!Costumes are fab, especially the 'patchy' one.

  6. When my daughter was in kindergarten, say 1985 or so, I made 16 angel costumes for their Christmas pageant. I figured that would be it for my angel costuming for life. However, this year, I found myself making the same exact angel costume for my daughter's daughter's All Saints Day activities. Who knew I would ever revisit that pattern! I love your wings though -- much better than the poster board variety!

    1. These fabric wings are much more durable and last longer in the costumes box than the cardboard ones. They are easy to remove and can be washed and ironed for next year. And there is no danger of them getting crumpled if the heavenly host stand too close to each other.

  7. Very clever! I contemplated buying this nativity this year but went with the straight forward nativity instead!x


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