Monday, 30 December 2013

Family Christmas Meal #3

We began with a meal with Steph and Mark on Dec 6th, then on Christmas Day met up with my brother Adrian, plus Marion and Lucy – then finally we enjoyed seeing Bob’s sister Denise and her husband Kevin, as they were in Norfolk for the weekend visiting his parents John and Ruth. We met up at The Peddars Inn in Sporle.


IMG_1336We’d pre-booked and were seated at a lovely round table in the window. The staff were very attentive and the atmosphere was good. I would definitely recommend this venue for a family meal!

IMG_1337The meals were excellent, and the portion sizes very generous. Everything was presented in cheffy little towers – I had to dismantle my roast dinner before I could cut it up and eat it. It tasted lovely.

Others had the chicken and tarragon, and the liver and bacon. All cooked well, tasting good


We were too full for desserts and just had coffee, while we swapped our gifts. [I may post some pictures later] Denise was very taken with the robin on the windowsill – she asked me to photo it for her. Not sure I could make one like it though


This year it has been super to be able to see so many family members – hoping we can get to see Liz and Jon again before too long.

At chapel on Sunday we were welcomed so warmly too.

In case you were wondering about the name of the pub, it comes from The Peddars Way - which follows a Roman road built along the line of an even older trackway. The name, Peddars Way, is said to be derived from the Latin “pedester”, which means “on foot”. The trail starts in the Brecks, a unique area of forest, heath and low river valleys, running north from Knettishall Heath in Suffolk, for 46 miles through changing countryside to the Norfolk coast near Hunstanton.


  1. What a lovely time you've had and I had a good laugh at your comment about dismantling your dinner to eat it. I do love the cheffy touched but sometimes they are not hugely practical.

  2. I love circular dining tables and may invest in one some day as we do enjoy getting together as a family.
    Happy New Year. Dxxx

  3. We're reading the Box of Delights now as our bedtime book- so full of old England and its ways and paths and hilltop camps. Very exciting. I hope there were no wolves running for your stay! Nice to do family in small doses!


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