Saturday 28 December 2013

Boxing Day

I have been playing about with leftover Christmas Cards [from 2012] and doing origami to make some little boxes. I use the picture for the lid, and the back for the base. I cut a square from each piece- making the side of the ‘base’ square 1cm shorter than the lid. You can find a good tutorial here.


They are small – the side of the final box is about one third of the original cardboard square. However they are still useful for tiny gifts. I have put a few items in to show you – lip gloss, cuff links, ear-rings, small toys…

little boxes

I plan to put these away with the Christmas stuff, and then think about what tiny trinkets can go into them next year! If you plan really carefully and centre the picture before you cut the square, you can get end up with a very pretty box…

little boxes1

This year’s cards will be saved and used to make other things [more cards, gift tags…] and the scraps will go into the paper recycling. They are too pretty to discard the moment the season is over!


  1. What a great idea!
    I love giving home-made jewellery as presents but the shop bought boxes are so expensive. I shall save the tutorial and make some. Thanks for the link.

  2. Another "Thanks" Ang - what a great little tutorial and something different to make with the cards. Since I started making gift tags and postcards out of cards we have received, I get quite frustrated when someone has written me a note on the back of the picture! Thanks for sharing xx

  3. You must be a black belt in origami…

  4. Ang, these are GORGEOUS ideas!


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