Wednesday 18 December 2013

Je t’adore…

…or ‘shut a door’ ?

Last week I was delivering the Churches Together Village Christmas Cards, when I spotted a skip outside one house with what looked like a near perfect door on top. Now the door at the back of the garage at Cornerstones is in a pretty poor state. I fetched Bob and we went backl to the house, I knocked and asked if they wanted the door. “No, help yourself!” came the reply – and then they gave us a bag containing the handles! We took it home and put it in the garage here, planning how and when we would get it to Norfolk.

Bob was concerned because it was an internal door. “It is still better than the garage door we have at present” I argued. Ideally we need two new internal doors as well, for the bedrooms. Then last night the doorbell rang – “We now have another door on our skip- and the skip is being collected tomorrow – do you want the second door as well before it goes?” So we have two lovely matching internal doors for the bedrooms [and the garage one will just have to wait!]


Thank you to an incredibly generous member of our community for an unexpected Christmas Bonus!


  1. How fabulous! The doors are identical to those we fitted through the house earlier this year - you've saved around £60!

  2. Wow! Nice and identical. Can't get a better gift than that.

  3. They look perfect!
    Makes you wonder how much perfect stuff ends up in the landfill.
    Jane x


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