Monday 16 December 2013


As the Almond family eats up the Christmas cake, Joseph wonders what he did wrong, and Mary is anxious as the Kings crowd in ever closer. Baby Jesus sleeps through it all – He knows it will all be OK


Steph and Mark’s visit last weekend meant that we were officially allowed to start on Christmas Food. I didn’t want to take half a cake to Norfolk with me next week, so we each are having a slice a day!

There was a lovely surprise delivered by a courier a few minutes ago – my new cake tin arrived from Billington’s. This was a gift from blogfriend Sharon. I love its retro pinkness! Thanks S!


B is for beautiful, baking, biscuits, Billingtons, blogfriends, and Bob [who will undoubtedly eat whatever goodies go into the tin]


  1. I love your cake did you make the nativity yourself?

  2. No - they are made by a company called Culpitt, from polymer clay. They come out every year. I've had them ages. Sadly they only seem to be available in a set of 9 now costing around £20!

  3. Oh how cute! Poor Joseph being marooned like that!! Lovely blog friend gift!x

  4. Thank you for information I will have to get a set maybe they have a sale in January:-)

  5. such a cute picture! you have such an imagination!


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