Friday 13 December 2013

Snow Show

The Saltmine Theatre Team arrived yesterday at 8.30am and set up in the chapel. All this scenery and equipment from one white van!


I loved the amazing fabric flowers on the umbrellasIMG_1220IMG_1221IMG_1222IMG_1223

The show was brilliant – the story of the Snow Queen, and how a shard of her ice in Kai’s eye almost turned him into a sad and frozen boy – but his friend Gerda rescued him, and all was well.


It was a clever retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen story – ending with the discovery that the true message of Christmas is love. Love for family and friends, but more than that, the love that God has, for he sent Jesus to be our Saviour.

We had two performances yesterday [one afternoon matinee for the village school KS1, and an evening public performance] Today it will be a morning show for KS1 for the school where I have done supply work this term, and then in the afternoon, the village school KS2.

The audiences have been really well behaved and entered into the atmosphere [and sung the songs with gusto] Oh yes they have!

2013 flyer

Huge thanks to all those who have helped – especially Lynda, Gwen, Janet, Val, Ian, John, Sue [hope I’ve not missed anyone there – apologies if I have!!] and the families who have provided hospitality for the team overnight.

And big thanks to the team themselves – Anna, Becky, Becky, Ben and Paul.


  1. Replies
    1. If they were genei wouldn't they have to live in a bottle?

  2. Love Saltmine, they are brilliant. First saw them do a play about the plague village in Derbyshire about 20 years ago. They always manage to do and give so much.

    1. Yes Kim, you are right, they are more than just a travelling theatre company!!


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