Saturday 14 December 2013

From Froogs

Jane aka Froogs/Frugal Queen shared this one and asked us to pass it on. It’s by a lovely young singer/songwriter, Claire Bruff, from the West Country, who sings in her worship group. I’m happy to pass it on Froogs- because I agree with you that a voice raised to the Lord like this is beautiful! Thank you for this Christmas gift!

So afraid to, participate to, even try,
So I’ll stand by and I will,
Make excuses, for not advancing,
Not pushing myself into anything and
Oh this perfection is misery.
So critical, this I know, nothing I do is good enough for me and I’ll,
Put myself down, before you can
Afraid to fail so instead I’ll bail out and
Oh this perfection is misery.
And I can feel You working it out,
I can feel us breaking ground,
I can feel Your arms surround,
Holding me in this moment,
Changing me in this moment.
I am learning, to be accepting, of myself,
Can you tell as I am, singing this song,
It’s not perfect, ‘cos I know that I’m not perfect but
He is perfection in me.


  1. Words I can identify with. I'm never good enough for myself but praise God He sees me as perfect in Christ. Thank goodness! I'd never make it otherwise

  2. Beautiful lyrics. Will listen when I get home and not on the bus. X

  3. HI, Ive just come across your blog and want to say thank you for sharing my song on here. I also want to thank the people above for the lovely comments:) Its so lovely that you would share it. God is just amazing:)

    1. Thank YOU Claire, for sharing your God-given gift of song with us!

  4. Claire has a beautiful voice. I find this song very captivating . Thank you


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