Thursday 5 December 2013

Winter Warmer

A couple of years ago, I copied an idea from Mollie Makes and turned an old tee-shirt into a fringed scarf. As I have worn it and washed it[lots] the fringes have rolled up nicely. My best A-bar tee shirt has had to be retired now – the logo completely disappeared last time it was washed. I suspect these things have a limited life- Hannah and Grace washed theirs at the same time and had the same result – the plastic transfer just disintegrated. Before…and after



So I turned this one into a scarf as well- and it is very red and Christmassy and will go beautifully with my best USA Xmas Woolly! Here’s the original coffee coloured one and new red one



And that jumper



  1. I hope we are going to see a piccy of you in that jumper! Maybe you will stun us on Christmas Day!

  2. Oh but that jumper is so in this year. Blue Peter folk all wearing them today! Still need to find one soon for school!


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