Saturday, 7 December 2013

Fast Learners!

Last Tuesday morning [25th] I started working with a couple of new teenage pupils, and they learned to thread up a machine and sew a straight line, as well as sew on a button. We had our second session this week. What enthusiasm! In two 2-hour sessions, from scratch, we produced

  • four little ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree,
  • a tissue holder [gift for Mum]
  • a set of juggling bags,
  • a hand warmer

All quite simple projects, but they seemed so satisfied to actually produce something they could take home immediately.

IMG_1182I loved the choice of fabrics for the three bags. The creator of these is determined to teach herself to juggle now!

That stripe fabric turns up again lining the floral tissue holder IMG_1183IMG_1184

Ornaments – front and back view – a little bit of wadding in each and a bead or button to emphasis the ‘cushion’


The handwarmer is a 4” square of Christmas cotton, backed with red fleece, and filled with rice, plus a teaspoonful of lavender buds. One minute in the microwave and it will be warm and toasty!

Seeing the sense of achievement on their faces was so rewarding!


  1. How lovely that you are able to pass on your wonderful skills and that they produced some lovely items!

  2. Brilliant ideas Angela. The kids will have loved making them.

  3. They must have been so thrilled to produce such lovely things. Sewing isn't a kill for many young people nowadays, so it is wonderful to create that enthusiasm.


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