Friday, 6 December 2013

Blessed Are They That Mourn

Just woken to the news of Nelson Mandela’s death – having gone to bed early last night after hearing of the death of my Aunt, Mollie Hall. They were both people of generous spirit, always concerned for others. They will both be missed.

nelsonmandelaAuntie Mollie

Two amazing people who lived long lives and went about doing much that was good. The whole world knew of one and he will be mourned, and eulogised round the globe. The other served God faithfully for many years as a Pastor’s wife – but she too touched many lives, in the towns where she lived and worked alongside my late Uncle Ray.

I thank God for all those whose lives have made a positive difference – they lived by the values they preached  - and I  pray for those close to them who mourn their passing today

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