Thursday 12 December 2013

Pretty In Pink

One of my work colleagues is taking her young grand-daughter to the Panto. “I wish I could go dressed as a princess” said the child [who is 6 years old, but tall for her age] My friend was not impressed with either the quality, sizing or price of what was on offer in the shops. Could I help to provide a pink princess dress, please?

IMG_1210 - CopyThis project has been such a joy to produce.

I used the pattern in last month’s Prima magazine as a starting point [plus one of the young lady’s dresses, which I borrowed as a size reference]and added sleeves and an overskirt. The bodice is two layers-- lined with the same pale pink fabric, and there is a punk tulle underskirt. The sheer overskirt and sleeves are decorated with tiny gold stars.

IMG_1211 - Copy

The picture above shows where I got to at teatime Tuesday – ready for final hand-finishing and trimming. Bob suggested something simple and I found this lovely heart jewel in my bead box, so that went at the waist, and a tiny white bow with a pearl at the neckline.

I found a couple of children’s bracelets in the bead box too, all pink and sparkly, so made a little drawstring bag and popped them in [well, they are too small for me!] I also covered a hanger in some more pink fabric. At the back I put a sash. I’d made the dress on the generous size, so the sash will pull it in for now – and she will be able to go on wearing the dress even when she grows a bit more.

IMG_1214IMG_1212 - Copy

I put four vintage pink sparkly buttons on the back – it is easier than inserting a zip – and I had them already. This took about £10 of fabric – and an afternoon of great fun for me. I am not thinking of setting up in business – if I charged for my time as well, nobody would be able to afford the frocks. But a one-off like this is such a fun project and so satisfying to see completed.


Unlike the ones from Asda, all raw edges are finished properly and enclosed, and all exposed seams are ‘French’ style. And this one is unique – no other little princess at the Panto will have a dress like it!


  1. What a lovely dress, with so many great finishing touches & so beautifully executed, that's one lucky little girl. Well done. Have a great day, Vee xxx

  2. That is beautiful!!!!! You are so clever and generous making this x

  3. I'd love to see the little girl's reaction when she sees the dress! She will be beyond thrilled.
    Jane x

  4. You have produced such a lovely gift for this little girl. I remember doing something similar with net and a lace petticoat etc for my grandaughter, very satisfying.

  5. That is such a precious gift x

  6. that's lovely, I'm thinking of finding sewing lessons as I would love to be so creative x

  7. I think you must be a princess in disguise. What a lovely present for the little girl.
    Love from Mum

  8. Beautiful, just beautiful

  9. Beautiful, what a lovely thing to do.


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