Friday 27 December 2013

Martha Stewart, Move Over!

After a brilliant Christmas Morning Service, we left the church* and drove to Norfolk. We stopped briefly at Macdonalds [Hamilton, Leicester branch] I went in to buy 2 coffees and 2 donuts, whilst Bob re-tied the tarpaulin down on top of the car [covering our two ‘new’ doors] I never thought I’d be in MacDos at midday on Christmas Day!! I had a great conversation with the one other customer. She’d just moved to the area and been to Midnight Mass at ‘the church on the corner’ and the people had been very friendly. I urged her to go again in the New Year. I was more concerned to chat to the staff and find that they got no overtime, nor ‘time off in lieu’ for working Dec 25th. I thought that was sad. We got to Norfolk mid afternoon and went over to my brother’s.

Adrian, Marion and Lucy were busy preparing a delicious meal in the gorgeous new kitchen, recently fitted by A himself. [Clever bloke]



Here’s Bob watching the action. After eating, we opened presents and watched Dr Who together. And I fell asleep on the sofa.

Thanks A,M,L for a super family Christmas. * I admit that when we left church I realised how much I missed having Liz and Steph with us. I was glad they had both telephoned early in the morning to wish us well.

Marion’s clearly been making good use of the new facilities-their gift to us rivalled anything Ms Stewart could turn out. Here’s the gift basket as it arrived, next to my festive foliage, then dismantled…


Contents; spiced chutney with apricots, shortbread ‘petticoat tails’, chocolate truffles, cheese straws, and ‘Christmas Traybake’


All beautifully presented in cellophane bags with stylish labels and Christmas ribbons. What a treat – thanks so much for this! We have been given so many lovely gifts by friends and family – and feel greatly loved, and greatly blessed.

I hope you too have enjoyed these past few days too.


  1. I can't believe Macdo was open. That's scary.

  2. Thanks for adding me - I've added you back!

    I have also received a lovely hamper, which I will be blogging about when I have time. This one looks super!

  3. Your gift was just lovely and it's always a joy when someone has made it themselves. I'm on Radio Cornwall this Sunday and the topic is Happy Frugal New Year. It would be lovely if you could share some advice with listeners of how to cope or budget better in 2014. Families are really struggling and any help would be great. if you could email - thanks Froogs xxxx

  4. I had no idea MacDonalds opened on Christmas Day - I didn't think it was legal! Hope you are managing to have a great break - most of the pastrs I have ever worked with come out of Christmas shattered. Doesn't seem fair really.


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