Monday, 23 December 2013

Our “Open House” And More Carol Singing!

Having watched Alex Polizzi telling me how I should decorate my house, I ignored her advice completely [not being a multi-millionaire with access to unlimited fairy lights] but I did decorate the chandelier with some baubles, and I kept to a red/white/green colour scheme for the table, with gold highlights. 


and I prepared some pretty drinks


and I set a fancy table ready for Friday night’s Open House


I copied one idea from the internet, of making a wreath of rosemary as a base for little nibbles- cherry tomatoes, grapes, feta cheese [I put them in petit four cases] I thought this looked very festive. I am sure Ms Polizzi would approve – it is the colours of the Italian flag!


I stacked my serving tower with more nibbles – mini quiches [cheese&smoked salmon] small sausage rolls, and on the bottom tier, bowls of pretzels/cheese puffs/savoury biscuits, on a base of cypress trimmings.


IMG_1295And on the top, those snowmen [again] frolicking among the trees. On the net, these were done with cucumber slices on cocktail sticks – but I had a jar of gherkin slices which tasted very odd [they were a little past their date] so I used them to create the trees. They are standing in artificial snow

They don’t look quite as Christmas-tree like as the ones I found on the internet, but they made a fun top layer to my display standIMG_1293IMG_1294

Some flowers in silver chalices brighten a corner of the sideboard.

One of my guests Friday night bought me a bouquet of folded paper blooms. Very clever- and very pretty. I shall have to try making these myself IMG_1298IMG_1299

And afterwards, the Christmas tree figures and snowmen were relegated to a shiny plate on the sideboard.

Snow has fallen, snow on snow…

It was quite cold Friday night and Saturday – we shivered as we sang…


But Sarah made us very welcome at Cherry Tree Gifts – in the end there were around three dozen of us singing and playing Carols. Thank you to Rachel and the team from Ratby Band for the music!

Only two more Official Christmas Events to go and then the Pastor & his Missus are on Holiday!


  1. Your table looks wonderful as do your decorations.

  2. You should feel very proud of that table! I'm sure your guests really appreciated that you had Martha Stewart pop by!
    Jane x

  3. Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your break after all your busy days

  4. How lovely it all looks! We can do just as well as dear Alex!

  5. Love your opening line and I think your decorations and table are wonderful even without her directions! Have a lovely Christmas.

  6. Enjoy your rest. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Love from Mum

  7. You prepared SUCH A wonderful repast!!! I wish I'd been there! Hope you have a great break! X

  8. the paper flowers are lovely, and your table looks welcoming and full of goodies...I hope you and Bob have a wonderful restful minister looked exhausted on Sunday- I think he needs his break too!!


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