Thursday, 26 February 2015

A Shedload Of Joy

The jury is out on this one, it seems- is it shed [noun] meaning the amount of stuff to fill a shed or is it shed [verb, past tense]meaning the amount of stuff which is shed from a lorry ?? My Essex roots and links with Romford market lead me towards the fell off the back of a lorry definition. Anyhow, whatever its roots, we have a shedload of joy round here right now. KMFC gave a us a generous parting gift, and we’ve been able to buy a much needed shed for the back garden [moving from double to single garage meant problems storing motorbike, two bicycles, garden tools, much DIY gear, a work bench etc – not forgetting my precious palm tree!]


Tiger Sheds delivered the parts last Wednesday. There was already a slabbed area so we had somewhere to erect the shed almost immediately. Bob put the floor panel down then checked the rest of the wood.


We propped up the various components then carried them to the base and started assembling. The instructions were clear and it was all remarkably easy.P1000772-001

We had a choice about the window panel- and opted to put it on the ‘house’ side.

The shed it 6foot square and about 7foot at its apex.


Bob can stand up straight in the centre section- I can stand [or lay down] anywhere! He put the roofing felt on, and the job’s done. Bikes and mower locked away securelyP1000792

P1000776The garage is still full of boxes, many as yet unpacked – although Bob has built a workbench and sorted out most of his tools. The motorbike will stay in the Cornerstones garage till after Easter.

Bob’s a very happy guy – he has never possessed his own shed before! [Thanks KMFC]


  1. Man and shed. Classic happy combination Yes, he looks a happy chappy.

  2. So useful, I don't know how we would manage without one. It looks perfect in your garden!

  3. It struck me that if you're talking about gaining joy...then it could be that you're talking about shedding your load of whatever has been weighing you down...rather than what 'stuff'' you're getting!

    1. Sounds like you have been reading Marie Kondo! As I have yet to get that book from the library I shan't comment yet. Moving here HAS meant shedding a lot of stuff which we do not need any more - but bicycles and lawnmower are still required- as is a place to keep them!

  4. Shed looks great and Bob looks very happy too.

  5. It's great! Men DO like sheds!

  6. I feel a 'shed opening party' coming on!
    Jane x

  7. A lovely photo of man on his natural environment. Lol
    X X X

  8. your dh does indeed looked pleased with himself doesn't he!!!

  9. Oh bravo! That's a lovely present!!! I wish you still lived in Romford- then we would have met years ago!x


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