Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Some Useful Substitutes

I would love to post happy pictures of a tidy home, with all boxes unpacked. But we only have about 30% of the boxes sorted, and many things have yet to be ‘found’. A few thank you notes


Dear Steph, thank you for leaving your Lava  Lamp behind when you went to Uni in 2001. It has proved useful as a bedside lamp this week whilst we continue to search for the proper ones. Useful in that it illuminates the path to a new and unfamiliar bathroom at 3am. Less than useful when it comes to trying to read a chapter of my book at bedtime. But thanks all the same – those floating blobs of wax are quite soothing!


Dear Mr Branson, thank you for those free flight socks you gave us when we flew with Virgin to the USA in 2004. I never wore them, but they’ve stayed in my drawer ever since. The burglars emptied them onto the floor, and I’ve used them as packing material – this week they have been excellent substitute floorcloths and dishcloths.


Dear PA company, thank you for the lovely thick card you used when you sent the speakers. They not only protected the goods in transit, but are now standing in as placemats [till I find the proper ones] protecting my dining table from the hot plates.


Dear Fast Food Chain, thank you for the plastic teaspoon, which I kept ‘just in case’. It has proved invaluable this week for stirring the tea- but I have found my regular teaspoons now!

It has been quite fun producing creative substitutes for everyday items. But I am decluttering and discarding many of these once the Real Things turn up.

What’s been your best ‘temporary substitute’?


  1. You wouldn't be human if your home was already as you want it! If you are 60% unpacked, you're doing well!

  2. Glad you have arrived safe and sound.

    Our best temporary substitute must be the Ikea fleece blankets we used as curtains when we first moved here. We used them as curtains for over 4 years. They are now providing service as a warming layer in top of the rabbit pen.

  3. You always make the best of things Ang...but I have to giggle at the thought of the lava lamp!

  4. we moved last June and I unpacked another box this weekend...it had our dvd player in it. Hadn't got around to hooking it up. You will be unpacking for many weeks to come believe me!!

  5. They are meant to be temporary? Uh oh...
    Jane x

  6. Reading blogs is my temporary substitute for washing dishes. Up we get!


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