Monday, 23 February 2015

Bless The Bride!

Bob’s been here less than four weeks and he’s already done a wedding – sort of. Lauren and Matt live in Essex, and got married there a few weeks ago. But her grandparents are in a care home here. As her grandparents could not attend her [Registry Office]wedding, Lauren wondered if there was any way that she and Matt could have a blessing ceremony, in the Care Home. As UFC take a service there each month, it was agreed that this would happen in place of our regular hymn service. The staff decorated the place beautifully, and laid out a buffet reception. I was impressed with the effort they had made, to make this day really special for everybody.

ferndown lauren&matt wedding blessing 02 15

P1000756Our team turned up to sing- with Peter at the piano playing wedding music – and Gordon [who is a member of the Gideons] had a presentation Bible for the couple to mark the occasion.

Beforehand, Bob chatted with the bride and her Dad- here’s a bridesmaid resplendent in deep blue.











The happy couple stood under the floral arch to make their vows [again!] There were readings and hymns, and Bob made sure everyone was included- in place of “Who giveth this woman?…” we were all asked if we supported Matt and Lauren in their marriage. The prayers too made mention of the home and staff as well as the happy couple and their families. Afterwards there were lots of photos [the grandparents, three generations of Essex girls, and more] and we all got to enjoy the drinks and nibbles!











The residents definitely seemed to enjoy themselves, singing and laughing and clapping throughout. An official photographer was there from the Care Home Management recording the event [a first for them, apparently] He warned us that we may be appearing in next year’s promotional brochure, and possibly the local paper too!!

[Thank you Peter, Gordon and the ladies who came with us]


  1. How wonderful that the home went to all that trouble to make the day special for everyone and of course the thoughtfulness of the bride and groom to take their blessing to their grandparents. So beautiful.

  2. I should NOT have read this! Pregnancy hormones are being triggered big time.
    X x

  3. what a lovely idea. I am guessing all the residents of the home joined in too? I am sure they will be talking about it for weeks to come.

    1. There were about two dozen residents there - I didn't take pictures of them - along with all the staff who were not busy elsewhere. Yes, it will certainly be a big talking point!

  4. This is very lovely. How well everyone did!

  5. Can you let Gordon know he left his bible in a hotel room. Thanks.

  6. What an incredibly thoughtful couple to do that for their grandparents!
    Jane x

  7. What a wonderful thing to do!


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