Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tunic, Take Two


Last year, I knitted myself a tunic in the Christmas holidays using my friend Janice’s pattern. This year, in the holidays I knitted Bob a jumper.


robin fx

The yarn I used for Bob’s jumper was Robin FX Aran, shade ‘Milky Way’ – and it came in huge 400g balls. When I had finished Bob’s sweater, there was quite a lot left*. I decided to make myself another tunic, as I wear my green one a lot.

I started the front, and realised the cable pattern did not work at all – the yarn was too dark and it did not really show up very well. So I re-wrote the pattern [basically just missing out the cable panel up the centre of the front and sleeves] and simply made it in stocking stitch. It was fine – but dull. So I joined the raglan sleeves in place using a double crocket, to give a raised seam o the outside. That looked messy. I re-sewed them, neatly and then dug out some big and bright buttons. I put four in a row along one seam, and sewed one in the centre of each pocket [I’d had ‘gaping issues’ with the pockets on the green tunic] It was so quick to do– only 2½ weeks!



Here’s the final result – well almost. I put the top on and persuaded Bob to take a photo – but after ten minutes of wearing the tunic, I realised the final green button was wrong. It was too near my armpit! I took that one off, leaving just three at the shoulder. Much better. [He’s right – I do look a little anxious!]

* The weight required by the pattern was 750g, so Bob suggested I bought 3 balls as I was intending to make it larger. In the end, I have knitted two jumpers and still have loads over. I may pass the yarn onto Liz who wants to knit a scarf.


  1. That's a really nice tunic. I like the embellishments.

  2. It's lovely...but why the anxious look!

    1. I don't really like having my picture taken. But I know that I must stop looking anxious whenever I see a camera or I will ruin the wedding photos in June!!

    2. You won't look anxious in June - you'll be too deliriously happy for that! Lovely tunic - you're a whizz with those needles! x

  3. You are a wonder at knitting, Angela! Let's see Bob in his sweater so he can show us what NOT anxious looks like. LOL! You look great! Well done!

  4. I think it came out very well Angela! And I'd never have said it was the same pattern, odd how a few touches can make all the difference isn't it lol
    X x

  5. The tunic is very lovely, and the wearer is very slim xx

  6. I agree with the others I love that and I like how the buttons make all the difference.

  7. I think the tunic is marvellous and yes, removing the green button was a good idea, not just because it was close to your armpit, it didn't seem quite right to me. But, you have to wear it and I think you've done a great job! xx

  8. Oh it is marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the bright buttons, SO much fun!x

  9. Good job! Like those buttons bringing in a pop of color.


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