Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Pooling Our Resources

P1000695On Sunday afternoon we went for a drive down to Poole – it is only about 7 miles away. We haven’t been there for years. It was a beautiful day, with blue skies and not too chilly. It was lovely just strolling along the quay. I sat beside an old man with a woggle, thinking about Scouting for Boys, while Bob enjoyed Staring at Bikes. Sundays, and Tuesday nights are when bikes meet at the quay!


We climbed a sculpture staircase thing and looked out at the boats


Then we had a look round the Poole Museum [currently being refurbished – but interesting nonetheless] The only drawback to the Museum are the exceptionally low ceilings- especially the sloping ones on the staircases. Bob found it really quite difficult to avoid banging his head. The coffee shop at the top has a roof terrace where I sat and enjoyed a hot chocolate, watched by a suspicious seagull. There were good views of the old town


P1000699Around the glass walls were etched distances to various locations, near and far [London, North Pole, Brownsea Island etc] It’s 310 miles to Belfast, Mags – and 98 miles to London.

I did learn two very interesting things in the Museum. That lava lamp which illuminated my bedside last week was made in Poole!

And the biggest import to the quay, is rye for the Ryvita factory!



After a final admiring glance at the vintage fire engine, we drove back home and went to the evening service at Church. I think I am really going to enjoy exploring my new surroundings!


  1. It looks a nice place to visit! x

  2. I'm glad that you've got time to get 'out and about'. Jx

  3. It's always good fun to explore!
    Jane x

  4. What a lovely place!
    I wanted to ask you, that although you are at least 7 miles from the sea, can you feel the sea air? Is it very different from KM? lol!

    1. Not been aware of sea air yet - but lots of gulls about

  5. I think new exploring will be bringing you much joy well into the Spring and Summer xx And vicariously us too!


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