Monday, 23 February 2015

FairTrade Fortnight

I have signed up for the 40 Acts Lent Challenge


…and today we are reminded it is the start of FairTrade fortnight. For our challenge today, we are encouraged to support FairTrade, and promote FairTrade.



So far today, I have drunk 2 mugs of FairTrade tea, I mug of FairTrade Coffee, 1 mug of FairTrade Drinking Chocolate, and eaten a FairTrade banana. I read a friend’s blog about FT. Then I reminded the ladies at the Bible Study Group this Morning about FT Fortnight. Now I am reminding you. However, I suspect that some of the other Lent challenges will not be so easy or enjoyable!

I have put ‘charity’ as one of the categories for this post. But really that is only to give me the opportunity to rant a bit, and say

To buy a FairTrade product is NOT an act of CHARITY, it is an act of JUSTICE!



  1. It's my hope that one day the "Fairtrade" label becomes meaningless, because fair trade will be the standard way of trading.

  2. It's nice to see how many products are fair trade now, you don't really Have any excuse not to have at least one fair trade thing in the cupboards
    X x

  3. There are lots of great products around and I agree with Gary!x


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