Thursday, 19 February 2015

Just Like Your Mum?

Liz has entered a competition to win a Mother&Daughter minibreak to Bruges. The entry needs to be posted on a blog – so she asked if she could do a guest post on Tracing Rainbows. So I agreed [and now I am blushing to read what she has written!]

Guest post: Just Like Your Mum?

P1010042Guest post: I’m Angela’s daughter, Liz, and this mother’s day I’d like to write about why I’m grateful for my mum, and why I’d like to treat her to an amazing mini break to Bruges with Great Rail.

Over the years, I’ve been told “You’re turning into your mother” so many times, not always in a way that might be considered complimentary. It’s usually in connection with something small – learning to knit, drinking too many cups of tea, or having a singing voice that’s more enthusiastic than tuneful. But these aren’t the things that define her, or me.

Being told ‘you’re just like your mum’ is pretty much the last thing any teenager wants to hear – you’re trying to work out who you are, and all people tell you is that you’re just like someone else (who’s considerably older than you). For years I felt frustrated whenever someone told me I was just like my mum. As I’ve got older, I’ve been able to look past the frustrated teenage part of myself and hear that phrase for the amazing compliment it is.


My mother is kind – nothing is too much trouble for her, and over the years she’s gone to extraordinary lengths to help people, expecting nothing in return.

My mother is smart – she loves to learn, and knows that you should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit that you don’t know something – only curious and ready to learn.

My mother is forgiving – raising two daughters has presented her with a great many challenges. We have not always been easy to love, but she has always been there for us.

My mother is committed – she has taught me the importance of having convictions and living your values every day.

Am I ‘just like my mum’? I hope so.


  1. Oh what a beautiful tribute ! I hope you win your mini-break, Liz ! x

  2. Brilliant. I'll bet your mum is very happy to be blushing. Good luck with the competition.

  3. How lovely - I do hope you win the trip to Bruges! I realised just how much like my mother I have become too late to let her know I am glad to be like her so it's lovely that you know your daughter is pleased to take after you.

  4. Liz, that is beautiful. I've only know Angela though this blog and I feel her warmth, thoughtfulness and friendliness come through, She is also so very proud of you and your sister. Good luck with the competition.

  5. I had tears in my eyes reading this Liz!
    What a wonderful compliment for your Mum xx

  6. How perfect. She got it just right and deserves to win!

  7. Lovely! A case of like mother, like daughter. :o)

  8. What a lovely post, Liz! I know your mum is very proud of her two daughters, and she has every reason to be. I am becoming more and more like my mum in many ways, and it isn't a bad thing xxx

  9. I wish we all had a'd be packing your suitcases!
    Jane x

  10. What a lovely tribute. You both deserve to win. I too have learnt that being like my mum is maybe not such a bad thing, but like marigold jam too late to let her know.

    1. YOUR Mum, Gladys, was a fantastic lady, Chris - I was privileged to have known her. You have inherited her generous attitude, loving nature, infectious smile, and independent spirit. And you've passed those qualities on to your daughter too. Gladys was proud of you both x

  11. that was lovely, you must be so proud of her? I hope you guys win.

  12. Aw! How sweet and sincere! I hope she wins!

  13. Love this Liz! Your mum is a special lady, I love her dearly just through reading her blog so how wonderful to have her as a mum!xxx

  14. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! It would be lovely to treat mum to a trip away, so I'm really hoping they pick us. Even if we don't win, it's really lovely to read your comments! xxx

  15. How lovely! And a good reminder to me to tell my mum how much I love her! I would imagine, Ang, that you are as proud of Liz as she is of you. God bless you both.


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