Monday, 9 February 2015

Two Weeks Ago…

Is it really only fourteen days since we left?

leaving km-001

We got up early on the Monday morning, rolled up our bedding, and wrapped up the mattresses. Downstairs was just full of boxes and disconnected appliances. The front garden was full of stuff from the back garden. And then the men just filled the vans.

P1000607We loaded and loaded…I climbed on the van, and contemplated riding in there, rather than driving my little Toyota to Dorset. The loft was – for the first time in years- completely empty.

The solitary black shoe never did find its mate- so we reluctantly discarded it. And Bob watched from the front door as the van drove back to its Leicester depot for the night.

Useful tip – that box of lanyards I have been collecting, from every conference, exhibition and seminar I have attended in the last twenty years, has finally proved useful! They are wonderfully strong, and easier to hold than string, when tying things up!






We spent the Monday night with Bob’s brother Frank and his wife Barbara – who were so kind – then on the Tuesday I drove to Dorset, and Bob stayed with them until his car was ready. The vans and I got to Dorset around 1pm Tuesday – he arrived 4 hours later. The new house was bright and clean and beautifully decorated [Thanks to UCF]

arriving ferndown

That’s the phone engineer fixing the line. She had to go up the telegraph pole outside the house too. She told me that when she trained there were 600 on the course- 598 blokes and two girls! Yes that is the same shade of blue as we had on walls in KM. So our curtains and sofas fit beautifully.

By the time the family arrived for the Induction on Saturday, the dining room was just about straight. I had all the best china and cutlery sorted and we had a really lovely family lunch together. Liz, Jon, Steph, Mark, Adrian, Bob and myself. Why didn’t I take a picture of them?


Mags- that is a carrot, coriander and sesame salad like the one you made for me 3 years ago in Belfast!


I shall post the recipe for the cake later. [I’ve still got to get to grips with a new oven] Do you like my cow creamer? Having been taken to Wimborne Market on Friday morning, I had some fresh veg artfully displayed in a trug in the kitchen [Very Country Living, said one of the visitors!]


More pictures will follow as soon as I get rooms properly straight!


  1. Sounds like you are finally settling in and making your new abode a home. It's looking lovely from all the picture you've posted so far.

  2. Your new home looks lovely. So nice to have big French windows to the garden.
    I bet you find the other shoe, one day!

  3. Lovely, thanks for sharing. Glad you are settling in. I would never have guessed the male to female ratio on that course if I'd been asked! Good wishes in your new home, Vee x

  4. Goodness, you remember that salad better than I do! It all looks wondrous. Spring is a good time for a new start x

  5. You've been so busy! Vermeer would have been tempted to paint the trug of veg,I'm sure
    Jane x

  6. It does look really lovely. It's a big upheaval but it helps a lot if you are as well supported as you seem to be

  7. I am sure your new home will feel as though you have always lived there.

  8. Lovely to see how nice they've made it for you! The ratio on that BT course has doubled in the last 20 years then - I knew a lady who was the ONLY girl doing that job in the whole of BT back in the 90s!

  9. My friend's house will be like that on Friday morning after she departs for the airport. I'm panicking already!

    1. I do hope you and your friend manage some quality time together before she goes- thinking of you this week - leaving friends is not easy. But leaving is not as bad as losing. hugs xx

  10. Amazing to think of you doing all that!!x

  11. Glad you have landed safely and are starting to settle in. Beautiful part of the country to land in and now for the next stage of the journey. Peace and happiness.



  12. Good to hear the move went well & that the new Church family are welcoming and open. May God bless you all richly: the new congregation, the Pastor and you too. Your new home looks lovely..


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