Monday, 16 February 2015

Jammed In A Jar

Off to London this morning at the crack of dawn for a WWDP committee. I am used to doing this by train from Leicester- but not from Dorset. My meeting is at the Sally Army HQ in Elephant and Castle – so I will be dropping in briefly to Liz and Jon’s flat. I have been asked to [a] fee Monty the cat, and [b] leave a few buttons.

Liz has recently been bitten by the knitting bug, and we have had some great conversations about books and patterns and yarn. “Do not buy any buttons, I have thousands!” I told her. She has made some baby things for friends, and said she needed buttons. So on Saturday I unpacked all my buttons and sorted out a jarful for her.


P1000721She can have more later – there are still plenty left. I was scattering buttons all over the floor as I transferred them from one jar to the other, until Bob said “Use your Jam Funnel!” This is definitely Tip Of The Month!

There will be more pictures when everything is straighter, but the shelves are in the corner of the front bedroom aka The Workroom. We’re planning to share one room – we have two tables, and my side will have sewing and craft stuff, his side has his PA gear. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

A few years back, Floss introduced a blog theme ‘the thrill of what you already have’ – and already I am discovering new uses for articles that were in our previous Manse, in different rooms here. For instance, the runner which used to be in the Futility Room, in front of washer/fridge/freezer is now in the Workroom, protecting the carpet from our side-by-side office chairs. The geometric book shelf [designed by Steph, built by Bob] has moved from a bedroom to the hall, so support the phone, chargers, router, key basket etc.

pig-on-farmBTW, when I get home this evening, we will eat up all the bacon for supper as today is Collop Monday. A collop is a slice of meat, and traditionally this was the last day for eating meat before Lent started on Ash Wednesday. There is more information and a few recipes here. In the old days, housewives saved the pig fat to fry the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. I’m not doing that! But we are hosting a Pancake Party.


  1. What a great idea to use the jam funnel.

  2. Like you, I have hundreds of buttons. When I go through them I so often find that I am remembering......a button from my mother's best jacket, a pearl button from my daughter's party dress, a daisy button from the Communion dress made for my grand daughter....and so on. Memories!

  3. How long before one tables' items encroach on the other ?LOL!
    I have hundreds of buttons as you know, bought some lovely wooden buttons at 'The Works' inside Woodlands garden centre on Saturday. Some are are a bit unusual in that they have a pic of Big Ben clock tower with exotic parrots on, very colourful but, if parrots were to be used on these buttons, surely they would be the green parrots that have made their home 'darn sarf'? I'll have to do a post on buttons me thinks!

  4. I've never heard of Collop Monday. This week being our half-term we'll be lucky if we survive long enough to eat pancakes tomorrow...

  5. Not heard of it! I do so dislike early Easters, means my birthday is in Lent!!!! Can't wait to see your new arrangement. xx

  6. never heard of Collop Monday either. Should make pancakes tomorrow., thanks for reminding me.


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