Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Time On My Hands

You think you have the budget under control, and then things start breaking! The kettle lid broke – and was beyond repair – so we had to buy another. Then my watch strap snapped. I did not want to buy a new watch, or even a new strap [and my lovely silver dress watch was nicked in the burglary] After a morning of frequently staring at my naked wrist, wondering what time it was, I remembered an idea from Martha Stewart, using a piece of ribbon to make a new strap.


I had some pretty ribbon in my stash, and I re-used the buckle, and put Velcro dots on the end of the new strap, and all is well again!


  1. Clever idea. I once made a fabric strap in the style of a scrunchie. It worked for a while but soon got dirty (used a light coloured material). I like the idea of ribbon and Velcro though.

  2. Clever crafting!
    I had a fabric watchstrap last year as I was getting a bit sore from the metal back of the watch, it worked well but, wasn't easy to remove for washing, the next one will be!

  3. And you could change it to match your outfit! Clever thinking Angela x x

  4. And what an appropriate fix for this month! If only Prince Charming's car could be fixed with pretty ribbon. We thought we had our budget under control and were even looking at ferries for the summer. Goodbye turbo, goodbye Stena!

  5. very clever indeed and another problem solved.

  6. Great fix! I'm very sorry to hear about the burglary.

    My budgeting sometimes works in the opposite way. If extra money comes in it seems to follow that something is ABOUT to break. Either way, God is providing. :)

  7. Good idea and I love the way it looks!


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