Monday, 2 February 2015

Bread-and-Butter Letters

thank you
I was taught to remember to write thank you letters – and write them promptly. The Edwardians referred to them as bread-and-butter letters – especially ones written after a weekend houseparty, to thank the hostess for her hospitality [Dear Lady Grantham , how beautiful Downton looked under a blanket of snow on Sunday morning…]
A lot of the time, I will send a text message or use the internet. I understand that even the Queen uses email these days [the post being what it is, you cannot guarantee the letter will get to its recipient before you see them again] but a handwritten note of thanks is important sometimes.
I decided there were some folk here who needed a proper B&B note for their help with the move. Not having the email addresses for these new friends, I planned to write them and hand-deliver at church yesterday. Unfortunately all I could find in terms of stationery was a pack of rather nice cream A4 paper. [I do have lots of notelets and envelopes in a box somewhere in The Box Stacks!]
envelopeI wrote my letters and then using this helpful Instructables Tutorial Bob and I sat and folded the sheets into envelopes. The notes were well received, and I am glad I made the effort. It is always good to say thank-you!



  1. I was brought up to do the same, preferably the day after the birthday, or whatever occasion.
    Hope all is going well and you are finding storage from somewhere!

  2. Love that a teacher shares a tutorial that pruports to helping you pass notes in class! Also ove that your notes don't just say thank you but introduce the writer's great skills! A thank you note and a card of introduction x

  3. I love to receive letters, but with the price of postage stamps going higher and higher it is getting crazy expensive to mail letters.

  4. Yes indeed!!! Thank you notes are very important xx

  5. Do you know I'd forgotten all about writing that tutorial! Thank you for the trip down memory lane :)

    1. I am so sorry FR - I hadn't spotted it was one of yours - I would have said THANK YOU in big letters in my original post x

  6. I do like receiving letters, but it happens so rarely...Mind you, I rarely send them, so perhaps I shouldn't complain! A couple of Lents ago I wrote (or tried to write) a letter/postcard a day to people. They were well received. I agree that thank you letters should be prompt - I can't help feeling a little rankled that after a wedding in August, I haven't received any thank you letter for the wedding gifts. I know that one doesn't give to receive thank yous, but even so...


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