Friday, 20 February 2015

…Always Find Him In The Kitchen At Parties!


Tuesday’s Pancake Party went really well – over 50 people there, and Bob has estimated in excess of 120 pancakes were cooked!

pancake party 2015-001

Toppings offered were lemon, sugar, Golden Syrup, Nutella, and IKEA choc spread-with-butterscotch pieces. Someone thoughtfully brought a punnet of blueberries to the feast too. The Chef had four pans on the go from about 6.15pm – 8.45pm!

pancake party 2015

People took their pancakes and toppings, then went into other rooms to chat. The men seemed to gravitate to the kitchen to chat to the Chef. I forgot to take enough pictures.


And there was a very small jug of batter leftover – so Bob even made pancakes for breakfast on Wednesday too!


Thank you everybody who came and made the evening so successful – especially thanks to the Chef  [P.S. I love THIS ad!]


  1. Flippin' eck, guess Bob has Repitative strain injury from all that pancake flipping!
    Well done both xx

  2. I am desperate to make some pancakes but neither of the girls are well and Hubby is starting to succumb to the virus (though he won't admit it)
    I think we will be having ours next month a TV this rate!
    X x

  3. Clever Bob!!! You are very kind people. I love how you get Stuck in straight away!!!xxx

  4. Wow what a party and what a achievement so close to moving house! I would still be living out of boxes!

    1. Upstairs we ARE still living out of boxes!!

  5. That's a lot of pancakes, glad the evening went well.

  6. That takes some skill..four pans on the go!
    Jane x

  7. looks like a good time was had by all....

  8. Brilliant pancakes thank you , and it was good that such a lot of church folk and your neighbous came.


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