Saturday, 7 February 2015

Rice, Spice, Ice…Nice

P1000653gelupo shopLast Saturday, after a delightful day sorting out wedding finery, the girls and I sat in Gelupo in Soho enjoying ice creams. As we enjoyed our treat, I asked Liz and Steph to help me solve a problem.

“I have a can of Aldi smoked mussels – how would you suggest I use them up? I don’t want to buy lots of other ingredients though…” Their suggestion was “If you have some chorizo, make some paella” So that’s what I did on Wednesday this week.



I modified Delia’s recipe, using turmeric instead of saffron [my saffron got drowned in the burglar’s flood, and has yet to be replaced] and I used just the mussels instead of the chicken and prawns, and regular long grain rice rather than proper paella rice -but it tasted pretty good all the same…






P1000686For our dessert I prepared another recipe which was suggested by Steph – Banana Speculoos Ice Cream.

Bob loves these Belgian spiced biscuits, and was given both the biscuits and two jars of the spread as a leaving present. [What a kind thought!]

In a food processor, simply blend three bananas, a generous spoonful of spread, and half a teaspoon of cocoa powder – then freeze. I served the scoops in dishes with a blob of Greek yogurt and a sprinkling of cocoa, with a biscuit tucked in the side.

Both recipes were so simple to make, and so delicious! 

I am very grateful to my girls for these excellent ideas!


  1. I watched the prog the other night which had Greg Wallace on it, about getting people to switch to cheaper brands in order to save on their shopping bills. I was horrified to see that the young wife and mother of four involved in the prog couldn't even chop carrots into batons. She actually admitted that she hated it! She went shopping a total of 17 times in just one week with their average weekly spend being nearly £300! Defies all common sense that people can't/won't cook for various reasons (the woman in question clearly had an aversion to being seen as being subservient in the kitchen, even though her husband was a 'house-husband'!). They ought to take a leaf from your book, Angela, (and most of us with less money to splash around) and make something from nothing. Have a great weekend in that lovely new house of yours. Address, s'il vous plait? x

  2. I'm actually allergic to mussels but I love paella. X

  3. Have a fantastic day as you both start your ministry in this church. Every blessing.


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