Saturday, 28 February 2015

Don’t Get Into A Flap!

The kitchen has felt rather cold and draughty, due to the ill fitting, broken cat-flap on the back door. Outside it was sharp-edged and unsightly - inside it was coming away from the door panel.


But then John from HiQ installations arrived to fix it – he promptly took off the old panel and fitted a new one without a flap in it – and now everything is hunky-dory. Just after I took the picture of the door sans panel, whilst John was collecting the new panel from his van, a huge spider climbed into the kitchen through the hole. I bravely scooped the creature up and threw it outside again!

catflap replacement

Three bits of catflap trivia*

  1. Isaac Newton is credited with inventing the catflap. The doors of his rooms at Cambridge did have a cat-sized holes- but nobody is quite sure of their purpose[see here]
  2. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales mention a cat door,PRINCE-CHARLES-REX_1755037a in “The Miller’s Tale”
  3. cat-flap is an anagram of flat-cap [here is a picture of the heir to the throne, in said headgear]

*trivia ought to come in threes, I feel


  1. I think you are very brave and deserve a gold star for evicting the spider so kindly.

  2. I bet you felt the difference quickly, though it's been rather plesent weather wise the past day or two x x

  3. Oh yes, I bet that made a difference!!! X

  4. We have a cat sized hole in the door up to the attic. The cats definitely appreciate it as it means they can run about upstairs like baby elephants whenever they want. We're not so sure at 4 am!

  5. looks a whole lot better and more energy efficient.


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