Friday, 22 May 2015

A Seaside Stroll

When Bob collected me from Christchurch Station on Tuesday evening, I asked how he had spent his day off without me. Clearly he had enjoyed himself [intermittent hailstorms not withstanding] He made a  trip to the cinema in the afternoon to see Charlize Theron etc in Mad Max'; Fury Road  [which is not my sort of film]


In the morning he had a motorbike ride to Christchurch – and found a lovely place to walk and relax. He suggested we went and had a look together at Steamer Point. At the top of the cliffs, a Nature Reserve, and below, Highcliffe Beach.

Highcliffe is at the opposite corner of Christchurch from Ferndown


We walked along the cliff top through the trees, and it was beautiful and peaceful – then down to the beach, where we walked along past the beach huts to the Café [by 6.30 it was closed- but Bob had enjoyed coffee and a Danish pastry there in the morning] Look Kezzie – rows of pretty beach huts to rival those of Essex and Norfolk! To our left we could look across to the sea to the Isle of Wight, on our right, the Isle of Purbeck [which isn’t truly an island]

steamer point may 15

I shall definitely come back here again sometime – to explore the Nature Reserve a little more, to test the quality of the Café, and to stroll ‘hand in hand along the Strand’ with my beloved!


  1. Oh how lovely the boats painted on are!!! My church friend from my old church moved to Highcliffe recently. She says it is lovely. I look forward to seeing more of it!!!x

  2. TWO friends down in Dorset = you definitely need to come and visit!!

  3. How beautiful! I have always loved the ocean as well as nature walks. Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

    1. Thank you Linda - one day I hope I may get to Canada - it sounds like such a beautiful country


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