Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Bags Of Fun

Another break from Wedding Crafts to make some juggling bags for Miriam our Youth Worker [as in Kirby, we have been blessed with a terrific person as YW] These are part of the preparation for Kids Club in July. Oh yes- they have a holiday club here too. Miriam runs it – and I’m truly enjoying that! The pressure of planning a club and doing all the wedding stuff would have been way too much. So I’m just doing the random little tasks like sewing a set of personalised juggling bags. It’s good to take a back seat – and Miriam is full of so many brilliant ideas, I just know it will be a great club!



  1. You do manage to juggle so many jobs!!!

  2. These are great! I wish I had been able to help with my church Easter club but the holidays were different for me and the education authority my church were in. It was hard work but I loved the holiday club at my.old church x

  3. That is such a blessing- to you both!


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