Saturday, 23 May 2015

Whitsun Winner

Following last Saturday’s post, I am happy to announce that the winner of the giveaway is…



So please can you email me your address Carol? I will pop the book in the post to you next week.

Thankyou, Morgan, for the loan of the Saving Mr Banks DVD – a review will follow shortly!

I have since borrowed another Harriet Evans from the library [Going Home]  but really didn’t enjoy that one quite so much!

Currently I’m ploughing through a Jo Nesbo – but I think I am going off these Scandiwegian crime novels. Altogether too much blood.


  1. I tried Jo Nesbo and gave up!

  2. AAAAh Thank you, Angla.
    Sent you a message

  3. What giveaway???? Typical me, late to the party as usual! I'm definitely giving up on the Jo Nesbo I'm reading 'The Bat'. I'm not sure whether I really like Harry Holey. I don't think the sky will fall in if I take the book to the charity shop tomorrow!!

    1. The one YOU entered last Saturday!! [but sadly did not win] I am reading The Son which isnt a Harry Hole one. How DO you pronounce it anyway? is it Hole, Ho-lee, Ho-lay ??? I am sure the CS will appreciate the book more than you do xx


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