Monday, 25 May 2015

Pictures At Pentecost

24 05 151

I took my camera to church yesterday to get some photos of the progress of the building work. First I took some shots of the flowers- beautiful red/orange/gold blooms, reflecting the Pentecostal flames. Then I took some of the building – the roof is coming along well, and the original foundation stones await to be re-purposed.

24 05 15

All very exciting!


  1. It must be exciting waiting for it to be ready for use.

  2. Pretty flowers. Wonder what the stones will end up as?

  3. I've always wondered how flower arrangers do it! I can just about manage to get a bunch of daffs looking nice in a vase but these creations really take it to another level don't they?
    X x x

  4. beautiful flowers. The building project looks really exciting too. Every blessing x

  5. We feel so blessed to be in such a loving fellowship - and we are looking forward to the new challenges that the extended premises will bring.


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