Thursday, 7 May 2015

Fun For A Fiver!

These days it is hard to find things which will give you a whole day’s worth of fun for only £5 each and have free parking. But on Bank Holiday Monday, the sun shone, and we headed off, with Adrian, Marion [and their two dogs] to Stradsett, on the west side of the county, for the National Vintage Tractor and Engine Club East Anglia Show. Lots to see and enjoy [click on the collage to see more detail]

vintage tractor show-001

We saw vintage tractors, old cars – including an Austin 1100 [our family car growing up] Some lovely scooters and motorbikes, heavy horses, stationary engines as well as traction engines…all sorts.

Plus all the paraphernalia that goes with it – displays of oil cans, farming tools, retro renovated caravans. And a few rows of stands selling things to the punters [some good value, some at inflated prices] A hog roast, two donut stalls, a fish and chip van and two ice cream vans – and a few tea and coffee wagons were providing refreshment. Marion got up early, and had prepared ham rolls, fruit, crisps and more – plus a huge flask of coffee.[thanks M]


At 1pm we got our hands stamped, and left the show to walk to the end of the carpark field. We unrolled the picnic blanket [ours] and ate lunch from the posh wicker hamper [Adrian and Marion’s] The dogs had a bit of exercise. Then back into the show again.P1010290

It was wonderfully warm and sunny – so a 99 ice-cream was de rigeur!

So much fun – and we did enjoy ourselves. I did wonder if any of the other Norfolk bloggers I read were there. If so I hope they had fun too.

How was your Bank Holiday?


  1. Hello lovely! Parcel arrived today- well I managed to get to the parcel delivery office to get it! Thank you for the lovely shirt AND the books- I am going to wear it tomorrow - watch this space for a TARDIS Tuesday near yoU!x

  2. And this does look good fun!

  3. My husband would have loved that!

  4. We had a nice time at Sprinhill, thouh we are encountering increasing National Trust resistance from our increasingly a teenager!


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