Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Seven Purple Wonders Of The UK

Today is World IBD Day [Inflammatory Bowel Disease] If you know anyone who suffers with this, you will realise what a debilitating condition it is. There is, as yet, no known cure.

ibd purple-infographic

ibd purple towerIf you live near any of the 7 landmarks below, do check them out today – they are going to be turning purple to raise awareness of IBD.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower, Cardiff City Hall, Blackpool Tower, Aberdeen Mareschal College, Leeds First Direct Arena, Glasgow SSE Hydro

ibd _fundraising-tools-icon_300x300


  1. Thanks for this. We had some very good news yesterday, Dan visited his IBD nurse for his check up and unless he has a flare up he doesn't have to see her again until this time next year! It had been every three months, then just twice last year. Obviously it's not "better" but we seem to have hit a period of calm.

    We will be driving near to one of those landmarks tonight too.

  2. My friend from Uni died from Crohn's. I'm remembering her today.
    Jane x

  3. A dear friend of mine has Crohns and recently was cut down the middle of his chest and had 2metres of intestine removed. A kid at school has recently been diagnosed-a horrid disease!x

  4. I wonder if that is happening here in Canada as well?

  5. Ive had Crohns for the last 25 years, I have been re plumbed in several places and have lots missing too. Generally speaking I'm well 99% of the time with just the occasional blip, I have to be careful with certain foods though. x


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