Monday, 18 May 2015

Juggling Priorities


Despite the fact that I don’t have any paid employment right now, I’m still doing a lot of juggling- home [boxes still to unpack] money [pension issues yet to be sorted] children [especially the one about to get married] work [applying for jobs] health [must find a dentist soon] love [I need to support Bob, who is even busier than I] The poor lady in the picture appears to have dropped ‘church’ sadly!

Today is one of those days when I have to be at too many different appointments. But this afternoon -in between a Dr’s appointment, and catching a train to London for tomorrow’s WWDP committee - I shall be working with some lovely ladies to make more juggling bags for Miriam. She really liked her set two weeks ago– and wants loads more for Kids Club in July. We did some last MondayP1010329

Watch out girls! We’ll be on the blog tomorrow!” said Jenny. [they are getting to know me too well]

On Friday, I prepared some more bags for filling – here’s a quick tutorial. Cut your pieces of fabric 10cm x 20cm.


Fold in half and sew two sides to make a bag. You can do this in a chain of bags to save time, and cut them apart at the end.

More bunting? said Bob




P1010377Once separated, fold the other way and sew ¾ the away across the top of the bag. Here’s my box of 150 bags! Turn them right side out using a chopstick to push out all the corners. Then fill each bag with rice.**

P1010380P1010383You need about 55 grams per bag. I found some little medicine cups in my kitchen which held the right amount, you might have an eggcup which would do. Pour the rice through the gap using a funnel, then turn in the raw edges and oversew firmly.P1010379

Most people make do with a set of 3 bags. Miriam thinks 150 should be sufficient for Kids Club! In a couple of weeks we’ll make the draw-string bags to hold each set and I’ll copy my ‘How to juggle’ sheet, to put in each.[email me if you want one]

Despite the fact that I have been making sets of juggling bags for years, I still haven’t mastered the art of juggling myself.

**I use rice because it is safe, non toxic, biodegradable and cheap.  Do not be tempted to overfill the bags. A certain amount of floppiness makes them easier to catch, and less likely to burst.


  1. You are an Amazing Star. You do so much. What a lovely idea to make all those sets. I hope all your juggling balls get sorted. The pension is a bit of a nightmare. I feel like they deliberately set out to diddle one. I checked recently and discovered that despite the fact I've only taught in one school constantly for 8 years, when I.phoned up, they had my start date a year too late and I had 2 one year gaps in service on their records. HOW that occurred, I really don't know!Xx

  2. Kezzie - well done you for checking up. One authority I taught for admitted they have a big error in their records for EVERYBODY for a certain period. The woman said it was good that I had kept EVERY payslip [since 1977] , so they will be able to ensure I get everything I am owed, eventually. I am glad I was warned as a student that a teacher should keep all her payslips.

  3. I had a gap in my records of about four months when I returned from maternity leave in 1986. Unfortunately I didn't have the payslips to prove that I had made contributions to the TPS. A lesson learned...(no pun intended!) Hope you get it sorted soon.

  4. My friend retired last year and discovered that there is someone else in England with the same name who has been getting ALL my friends contributions - for years! She has been told that is will take months and months to extricate her payments.

    1. Oh that is so terrible. I do hope it is sorted sooner rather than later.

  5. Things become even more difficult when an Aged P is added to the list....

    The juggling bags are brilliant! Enjoy the sewing and filling time. :)


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