Saturday, 9 May 2015

In, Out, In, Out, Shake ‘Em All About!

camclegg 2010

How things have changed - it is 5 years since I posted this picture with the caption “Remind me again, which is Ant and which is Dec?” and we know how that partnership has worked out.

I have no idea where the country will go next. I foolishly stayed up watching the election results for far too long on Thursday night [Bob wisely went to bed] I saw Cable, Kennedy, Hughes, McVee, Murphy and others voted out - and Boris voted in. I am not going to add my two-penn’orth to the post-election analysis.  But there will be three things that I shall remember about this week’s activities

  1. It was encouraging to know that such a high proportion of the populace actually bothered to vote.
  2. It was alarming to realise that the election booth in Ferndown was so poorly constructed that there was a large gap – I could see straight into the adjoining booth opposite, and where the man there was putting his cross! I said [in my Loud Playground Voice] “Bob, I can see your ballot paper” The Poll Clerks obviously had not realised that there was this design fault. I am trusting they corrected it after we left [it was well before 8am] This was a Secret Ballot after all.
  3. It was lovely to get a text from my daughter, declaring that her post-election action would be to increase her d/d to the Trussell Trust. So proud that her response is ‘what does this result mean for others?’ and not just ‘what does this mean for me?’

samcam dressBob wondered why the back of SamCam’s dress was HiViz yellow, and felt it should have Wimpey written across it! The Pastor has building work on the brain right now. Look at these…

building May

The chapel extension is really coming on well, despite the wind and rain experienced in the past few days.


  1. I thought her dress looked a bit hi-vis too - strange wardrobe choice for her. Great to see the chapel extension progressing so well xx

  2. My husband wondered about the yellow, too!

  3. As I said yesterday though, it's appalling that we have to think in terms of increasing support to things like the Trussell Trust because we know that there will be more need for such things under a Tory government (I'm going to look at ways I can increase my efforts as well). The lives of Bevan, Atlee et al must be spinning in their graves.

    1. Gaz - I'm impressed by your willingness to serve as a local councillor [often a thankless task] and congratulate you on being re-elected to office.

  4. I also wondered who had told her that dress looked good - I just thought -weird.
    Extension coming along nicely, will you be " in by Christmas?"

    1. We are still using the front part of the chapel, the other side of the plastic sheeting - but hoping to be worshipping in the new bit as well by the end of the summer. I am SO impressed by the commitment of the volunteers working alongside the regular builders, and the way the whole church family is involved and supportive.

  5. Super reaction by your daughter. I think the increased donation will be necessary.
    I was born in the same small town as Nye Bevan and agree with Gary!

  6. some of Samantha Cameron's fashion choices do leave a lot to be desired.


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