Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Nepal News

I have received three messages about the latest relief work in Nepal which I thought were worth passing on…

xn aid

from Iona Bergius, Christian Aid

As you will have seen in the news, a further earthquake of similar intensity to that which struck Nepal just over two weeks ago has caused further devastation…Estimates are that the latest earthquake could add an additional $1 billion to the costs of reconstruction in the country. There are concerns that further earthquakes could strike in the coming weeks.

Christian Aid staff in Nepal are now trying to get supplies to the area worst hit by this second earthquake. Our Emergency Programme Officer, Yeeshu Shukla, had gone to Nepal to help co-ordinate relief efforts after the first earthquake and was in Sindhupalchowk ,40 miles away from the epicentre, when the building he was in began shaking. “For a moment, I thought that the building I was in would come down,” he said. “We rushed out. Everyone was out on the street, some of them panicking, with mothers looking for their children. There were four or five severe aftershocks and some buildings collapsed.”

Later, travelling towards Kathmandu, he reported that the roads were lined with people too scared to re-enter buildings. There were heaps of rubble where some structures had collapsed “Now the race is on to get clothing and other essentials to the worst hit areas. There's a shortage of drivers, however, because many of them have returned home to be with their families.”

Christian Aid relief efforts have already reached over 40,000 of the worst affected people with items including medicines, water purification tablets, food and tarpaulins to make shelter. Our brave staff and partners will remain on the ground for the time it takes to help as many of those we as we possibly can in the wake of this second disaster. Thank you for your support.

leprosymission NEW

From Peter Walker, Leprosy Mission

The aftermath of the initial earthquake in Nepal greatly impacted the work of the leprosy hospital in Anandaban. The 110 bed hospital received substantial damage, but thankfully the two main theatres were unharmed, although many of our staff members lost their homes and one of our wards was damaged. Praise God that none of our staff lost their lives and so we were able to help people who flocked to the hospital from afar.

This is happening again now as those who have been injured are transported to local hospitals. So Anandaban hospital is already receiving people and treating lacerations, broken limbs and crush injuries, as well as sending teams out into very remote communities. People are traumatised and we are reaching out to help them. We have already treated over 1000 people, and for many this was life-saving treatment.

Our staff are continuing to provide the best possible services to the victims in our hospital. In situations like these we have to move all the patients to an open space with tents as the ground continues to shake with after-shocks. Thank you for your prayers and financial support


from David Kerrigan, BMS World Missions

We currently have 21 workers in Nepal, most of whom have been working long-term with the Nepali people for many years. Through them and through our trusted partners on the ground, we are co-ordinating a response that will not only deal with the immediate relief needs, but will focus on long-term recovery, long after the world's media have moved on. BMS is working with other organisations to co-ordinate a timely, responsible and sustainable response. We can only do this through your giving. Thank you – we ask that you continue praying…

I thank God for these brave people who are putting themselves at risk to help others – working long hours in difficult situations, bringing comfort and relief. And I thank Him too for all those who have been moved to give financial aid.

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  1. And there is more to come apparently. We have a group in our church that has a long standing connection to Nepal. They say this quake has been expected for ten years.


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