Tuesday, 12 May 2015

It’s Christian Aid Week!


Click here to watch this short clip of amazing fundraising. Watch this blog to find out what we are doing for Xn Aid at UCF in June

xnaid nepal 2015

When the Nepal Earthquake happened, Christian Aid was already on hand, with the infrastructure to help provide emergency relief. Our local partners are responding now, distributing vital emergency supplies in the worst affected areas of Gorkha and Kathmandu Valley. To date we have dispatched 74,000 water purification sachets, which will make up to 740,000 litres of safe drinking water. Ten water filtration units – each of which can provide 1,500 litres of purified water per hour – have also reached makeshift camps and villages. Around 5,000 tarpaulins are being provided to meet the urgent need for shelter.

Lord Jesus Christ,

who was buried in earth
and who rose again to newness of life,
after the quake
and for the sake of the people of Nepal
we cry to you.
We grieve for those lost in death,
we long for those who may yet be saved,
and we pray for all who need water, food and shelter.

From death and dust, may life yet come forth.
In sorrow and suffering, may hope dawn.
And may courage and love
conquer despair.

In your name,
we pray.



website_logo_block_v1 The prayer for Nepal is from the Christian Aid Website. Christian Aid is one of the fourteen charities working as part of the DEC [Disasters Emergency Committee]

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  1. Well done to Christian Aid for all they Di and for showing witness. That is a lovely prayer.x


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