Tuesday 5 May 2015

Who Has A Shirt Like This ?


I’m greatly enjoying the repeats on the Drama Channel of Peter Davison as Margery Allingham’s sleuth “Campion” – was it really 25 years ago it was first aired?

But of course, five years before that PD was the Fifth_Doctorfifth Dr Who.

Perhaps it’s just the hats that I like

Anyway, one major sartorial thing about Who#5 was his shirt collar. One of my blogfriends happened to mention these in a Tardis Tuesday post.


“Send me your shirt-My machine can do that!” I said. I am afraid there has been a delay between the parcel arriving and the shirt being stitched, due to a marathon and bunting and pyramids etc. But it’s done now.

Actually- I thought it was done- then I suddenly realised that PD has a red band inside his collar – so I had to unpack the shirt and add the extra trim before I went to the Post Office.[below: official L, mine R]



As my mother would have said “If a thing’s worth doing, Angela, it is worth doing properly”


  1. I think I can guess who this is for - & I imagine she will be very happy!

  2. My granny had a saying, "If it's worth doing it's worth doing badly." Is it just me that thinks that's a better idea? But that shirt is FAB!
    Do you remember PD in All Creatures Great and Small?

  3. Very nice, well done!
    PD looks much more portly these days, as seen in the Law and Order UK tv series we have been catching up on. I guess he's not as dedicated to staying young as some other actors are.

  4. I really like what you have done to that shirt. How cool is that!

  5. Oh I think someone is going to be very happy with that indeed!

  6. Oh my goodness, you are SO kind!!! You didn't have to add the red trim!!!! You are so kind (and I am very excited!!!!!!) It looks wonderful!!! I have always had and will always have a soft spot for Peter Davidson-Tristan Farnon OR Doctor Who (or the programme you mention), my heart always pitter-patters whenever I see him!!!Xx

  7. Excellent shirt. I have been enjoying the Lord Peter Wimsey re-runs. Hate to think how old that it. I think that one is ripe for a re-make.


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