Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Special Child In Norfolk

I am really glad that Princess Charlotte has arrived safely- for all parents, it is important to know their children are healthy and happy. Kate and William have taken the baby up to Norfolk for a while. A brilliant move, IMHO,  it is a great county! As wife of the Prince, the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give patronage to charities and noble causes. The first charity Kate chose was the East Anglian Children's Hospices [each] EACH are planning to expand their work and build a new unit just half an hour from Cornerstones. I love the name - The Nook. The video explains why the name was selected.
The Special Child is ANY child who needs love and support through a difficult time of illness. EACH offers a holistic and family-centred approach to care ensuring that the needs are met of children, young people and their families, whether those needs are physical, emotional, social or spiritual.

I am so grateful that we have such a brilliant hospice movement in this country - but a little sad that so much is dependent on charitable donations and volunteer staff. May God bless them all.
Lord, when You were on earth, one of your greatest gifts was being there for others, discerning their needs and calming their troubled minds and hearts. Today we pray for all Hospice workers. We give thanks for their patience, their empathy, their kindness and most of all for the greatest gift any person can give, the giving of themselves to ease the pain of others.We pray that You will bless them with the ability to perceive the real needs of their patients, and the skill to deal with those needs. We pray for gentleness in their hands and sympathy in their hearts. Father God, give to them something of Jesus' skill to ease pain and to bring peace to the troubled minds of both patients and their loved ones.Lord, give them strength; but give them gentleness. Give them efficiency; but make them kind. We hold all Hospice workers before you for your blessing Lord, and we thank you for the wonderful work they do and the special blessings that so many continue to receive from them.

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