Saturday, 23 May 2015

Jockeying For Position

P1010398My daughter Liz rides horses, my niece Lucy rides horses …I just curl up on the sofa with a Dick [or Felix] Francis novel. I lived in Leicester nearly twenty years, but never once went to the racecourse. But this week I got to meet a real life jockey in the foyer of the supermarket, and we had a great chat together.

This is Bob Bracken, retired amateur jockey, and caretaker at one of the Ferndown Schools. It is ten years since he did any serious horse racing. He has climbed into his silks again because on June 19th [the day before The Wedding] he will be off to York Racecourse to do a sponsored ride for Macmillan Nurses.

bob bracken waitrose

If you read the Waitrose Weekend magazine, you may have seen this picture of Bob in the March edition. Below is a picture of him ‘in action’

He says he is really pleased to have been selected as one of a dozen riders to ride at this prestigious race, for such a good cause. The youngest rider is in her teens, and there is well over 30 years in age between her and Bob!

I wished him all the best, and said I hoped he didn’t fall off, and that he not only did well in the race but that he was able to raise a good amount for such a worthy cause. I promised to give him a plug on the blog too. Ferndown First School are having a fundraiser next Saturday [tabletop sale etc] to boost his sponsorship. Find out more here and here.


Bob told me his wife is an archaeologist. On the way home, I remembered the famous Agatha Christie quote “I married an archaeologist because the older I grow, the more he appreciates me.” I am sure his wife really appreciates him – as do all those who will be blessed by the support he is giving to the Macmillan Nurses.

Go for it Bob – ride like the wind!

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  1. Oh that's lovely Ang!!! Good luck to him!!! I hope he does well and stays safe. I'm LOVING The Nine Giants by the way, sitting here reading it with breakfast whilst CBC makes tiramasu for a Eurovision party later. X


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