Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Recommitment to the Common Good

After the EU Referendum: a prayer from the Joint Public Issues Team

God of every nation and people,
At this historic moment we pray for all who are affected by the decision that we have made.

Whatever differences this has revealed within our own society,
    may they not eclipse what we have in common.

Where the narratives of political debate have caused harm and division
    help us to reclaim the true values of our shared humanity.

Where exaggeration and distortion have generated suspicion and fear
    may truth and honesty restore hope and goodness.

We pray for all the nations of Europe
    that you will help us to find ways of living and working together
    to pursue the mercy and justice that you require.

We recommit ourselves – together – to the values of your eternal Kingdom
    and pray that along with all people
    we might help your world become more as you intended.



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