Sunday, 12 June 2016

Happy 90th Birthday!

Today Bob and I will be going to a 90th Birthday Party. No, not that one - I am sure HM has got plenty of guests and will have a great time without us. Our celebration is with Jim, our lovely next door neighbour. Since we moved here in January of last year, he ha been such a good friend. He was 90 on Friday. He comes to our Lunch Club at Church - so we sang Happy Birthday on Thursday. On Friday, the council arranged a special Tea Party for all the 90 year olds in the town. As it was Jim's birthday on that day, they sang Happy Birthday there. No doubt we will sing Happy Birthday after we have lunch at the Golf Club today. Like the Queen, Jim retains a lively interest in life, and has a great sense of humour - he is kind and thoughtful, and fun to have a conversation with. He shares my fondness for crosswords - and loves to tell me when he learns a new word. This week it was 'osculate - kiss' - so when I called round he gave me a hug, and demonstrated his new word! If I get to 90, I do hope I am not a grumpy old grandparent, but bright and happy like these old folk  [nb, I should point out that the ABC is the same age as Bob, although he is old enough to get a Seniors' Railcard now]

I made Jim a card with my diecut machine. Sadly the lens on my camera is damaged- hence the grey blobs on the middle of the pictures. I must stress that Jim's shirt is white and not stained!!


  1. Happy birthday Jim! He's doing well! X

  2. Happy belated birthday, Jim! Have you guys really only been there a year and a bit? My goodness x


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