Thursday 9 June 2016

Keep Hanging On...

Thank you to everyone who has said they will sponsor my abseil on July 16th. There has been a slight hitch in getting the charity registered with an online giving site. I will post details as soon as they become available.
I am trying not to get panicky. All those who have ever done it say it is as easy as falling off a log [bad analogy I feel!] I think my two major concerns are climbing to the top of the tower, and stepping out over the edge.
For the second issue, I must just trust the Lord, and the guys holding the ropes.
For the first I am endeavouring to build up my stamina, by cycling every day if I can.
This site is brilliant

You just type in your start and end points, then you can select your route from a choice of  three speeds- quick [15mph] cruising [12.5mph] or unhurried [10mph] and three styles - fastest, balanced [fewer ups-and-downs] and quietest. The maps are clear, and indicate off-road sections and heavy traffic areas, and all points in between.
I have done 4 of these now, and with all of them I found the journey time accurate, Noot being familiar with the area, the links to little footpaths between roads, which shorten journeys, or ways to avoid nasty junctions have been very useful. 
I have discovered that energetic cycling makes my face go tomato red - also it is quite sudorific. That's my new word of the week - I recently came across the sentence "His habit was sudorific" in a book and had no idea what it meant. I looked it up. It simply means 'causing perspiration' sudor - salty fluid secreted by sweat glands; "sweat poured off his brow"
Bizarrely, the word appeared in a crossword a couple of days later. Perhaps it is al this warm weather...

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  1. I abseiled down the Castle Rock in Nottingham many years ago, (I think i was still a student nurse at the time.), I loved it, especially as the people helping/teaching us the ropes (couldn't help that one), were really beefy, handsome full-time soldiers!
    I think the money went to a 'Injured Soldiers' charity/fund. I wasn't the one filmed for the local news program though!
    Good luck and stay safe xx


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