Thursday, 30 June 2016

Weeding Between The Lines

It has been a strange week hasn't it? Last Thursday we went out early and voted, and came back to a very European breakfast table - Italian tablecloth, French Crockery, German Cutlery, British Milk and Butter, Spanish oranges in the Marmalade, Irish linen napkins [Dutch Tulips and half-Belgian husband out of shot!]
And then a day later, I didn't feel like breakfast at all. I could not believe the result.
But we must all move on, and pick up the pieces, and build bridges etc etc.
All the more reason to do my abseil and support needy families. [I am getting more terrified as the date approaches]
We have had some very busy days since then, and decided out Day Off would be a Day In The Home And Garden.
Bob had been ordering bits and pieces and there were four deliveries due. 
We sat in bed drinking tea and reading.
8.10am the doorbell went 'My first delivery' he announced, and ran downstairs [still in pjs] It was the two children from next door with a bottle of wine. We'd been unable to support a fundraiser they had done, so I'd given them some money to spend. One of their tickets had won a prize- the wine - so they decided to give it to us! How thoughtful! That sdelivery was certainly unexpected, but very welcome.
We got up and began gardening. Serious Weeding

There were some good things - a glut of lettuces, and the sweet peas and hanging baskets are blooming nicely.
But the two lots of runner beans have been eaten, as have 6 out of the 7 strawberries we discovered on a plant hidden behind the shrubbery. 
Things are looking a lot tidier, and Bob even went up the ladder and cleaned the blocked gutter, and he hates heights even more than I do.
I went inside to wash my hands and get lunch. But I knocked the hand cream flying - moving swiftly to catch it, I caught my head on the corner of the first aid cabinet. it really hurt, so I yelled, then stood, eyes shut, trying to steady myself. Bob came in, to see if I was OK, and said it resembled a scene from CSI. Head wounds do bleed so profusely! There was blood on the floor, the sink, my glasses...and yet it was the tiniest of cuts on the top of my head. Bob cleaned me up, cleaned the cloakroom up, and suggested I sat and rested for an hour or so. I did not argue. [new title for this post -Bleeding between the lines?]
I looked at all the cards on the mantelpiece which have arrived in the post over the past few days.

In a week when much of the media has portrayed people as selfish and ungrateful [especially the older generation] it is lovely to read these greeting from friends - many of whom are quite a bit older than I am. I have also received a couple of beautiful gifts recently from readers of my blog. Neither of these ladies had my address- so tracked down the church website, and sent their gifts to me there. How thoughtful was that? I am truly thankful for all these kind gestures.

Things are going to feel unsettled for a while yet, I think. The two main political parties seem to be in meltdown, and many families seem divided because of the way people voted. But I will focus on positive experiences, and count my blessings - and do all I can to bless others. 


  1. Ouch! I thought my careless head bonking was rare so I am reassured reading about your crazy mishap. I'm glad Bob made you rest! Weeding is part of summer. Boo. You have a good attitude about the upheaval. Prayers.

  2. Very encouraging words about the present debacle. Thank you Angela.xx

  3. I hope you are ok! Ouch, that sounds v painful!!! So annoying about plants being eaten!!!! I planted out some carefully tended tomato plants and slugs ate them!

  4. Seems to be an eventful time both in your house and in the wider world Angela! Hope you are ok now! thanks for sharing your thoughts on it all - it is difficult to make any sense of it! xCathy

  5. Thanks Cathy - you just keep on making your lovely pottery. We need beautiful stuff like that to cheer us up!


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