Saturday, 11 June 2016

Rosie Poesy

A few pictures of Rosie.
February 24th [a few hours old]
March 1st
May 18th
May 25th [three months old]
I continue to be amazed by the way Rosie is growing and developing. She brings joy to so many people [along with many broken nights and much dirty laundry for her parents]
I am grateful to Liz and Jon for their generosity in letting us cuddle her and chat to her when we are together. 
I never knew how much I would enjoy being a grandmother, and it just gets better and better...


  1. My eldest grandaughter is 27, and I still enjoy her company.

  2. Lovely photographs. I can see that you enjoy every moment.

  3. You both look besotted with love for Rosie and that is how it should be. I agree with you about enjoying being a grandmother. It is a blessing.

  4. She is a beauty! Being a grandparent is the best!

  5. She's just adorable! I agree, being a grandmother just gets better and better.:-)

  6. the best of times...! Congratulations


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