Friday, 3 June 2016

An In-Convenience Truth

Readers of a nervous or sensitive disposition should probably avoid this post

I find some of the latest adverts for loo cleaners a bit ghastly, to be honest. I wonder how some young Mums will persuade their kids to go from using the safe and familiar potty to the big scary loo if they have seen these monsters lurking beneath the rim on the TV

But it seems that real life is even more risky, as I found reading the BBC News Website ...

A man in Thailand got a shock last week when he went to the loo and a python sank its teeth into parts. The python had slithered through the plumbing and up into his toilet. I am glad to read that the gentleman is making a good recovery [that's a relief]

People in County Cork, in the Republic of Ireland, were warned to check their toilets in April after an elderly man was bitten on the bottom by a rat. A local councillor advised people "to keep their toilet seats down when not in use, and to watch their posteriors".[begosh and begorrah!]

In New York, stories of alligators in the sewers have proliferated since the 1930s, but they are probably just urban legends. In Paris, however, a crocodile was found in the city's sewers in the 1980s under Pont Neuf. There is no record though of an animal of this kind getting round a U-bend and arriving in a toilet.[quelle horreur!]

I am not aware of any such domestic disasters happening in Dorset. I will just remind you to be careful in the bathroom, you do not want to find yourself flushed with embarrassment.

On a totally unrelated matter - I have been sorting out cases for our holiday in the autumn. I understood the parts about ripstop material, handles, wheels and zips etc - but I was somewhat bemused by this part of the description "Sturdy design with protective rubber balls to prevent bottom wearing"


  1. It's taken me nearly two years to get our toilets clean in our home in France. They were not a pretty sight when we moved in and a good deal of scrubbing and chemicals have been necessary. We were tempted to buy new ones but I was not to be beaten by muck and limescale!
    I can't understand why people let them get to such a state. Cleaning the loo is not rocket science, you just have to be bothered to do it!
    Fortunately we haven't had any nasty critters lurking within. Yet!

    1. Inheriting someone else's grubby limescale is not a pleasant thing. Well done for your perseverance.

    2. Inheriting someone else's grubby limescale is not a pleasant thing. Well done for your perseverance.

    3. Inheriting someone else's grubby limescale is not pleasant. Well done for your perseverance

  2. When visiting friends in Tanzania we were instructed to check the downstairs toilet before use for "foreign bodies" and they did have a crocodile get into the sewage system whilst we were there!

  3. Oh my goodness, HORRIBLE thoughts! I really mustn't watch any horror films of any sort because they really affect me. I was on a caoch in Bali and they LOVE all sorts of nasty scary vampirey movies (which I really hate) and there was this one film in which some woman was sitting on the look and got pulled down from it- I was utterly horrified!


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