Friday, 17 June 2016

Things I Have Realised This Week...

That when your sick daughter says 'Could I just have a small bowl of cereal, please, Mum?' the only reliable way to determine whether that large unlabelled plastic box of multicoloured biscuit things in the kitchen contains breakfast cereal or dry cat food is to actually take out a piece and eat it.
That when you are about to go out shopping with your granddaughter, and have to get buggy, bags, and baby down a narrow flight of stairs to the front door, it is a serious exercise in logistics. Like that problem with the farmer, the fox, chicken and grain who had to cross a river. And you think it is all OK, till you realise you are at the bottom of the stairs, everything ready - and then you discover you cannot open the front door if the loaded buggy is in front of it!
That when you plan to eat a yogurt on the train as you travel home to your husband, you should remember to put it in a plastic bag, in case it splits. Otherwise you find yourself emptying contents of overnight bag [diary, phone, hairbrush, pen, can of deodorant...] onto the table between the seats, and wiping everything down with your pyjama top. Many sympathetic smiles from other travellers- and no yogurt left for me to enjoy.
And most of all I have realised that these things are quite trivial and not worth getting stressed about. And my heart aches for the two little children, and the husband who are grieving for Jo Cox right now. God bless and comfort them.

Goodness is stronger than evil
Love is stronger than hate
Light is stronger than darkness
Life is stronger than death


  1. it's even on the news over here in Canada, such a shame. I hope the cat food smells like cat food and not cereal, as if you're half asleep or don't have your glasses on I could see how they could be mixed up!!

  2. Thought provoking. Thank you.

  3. May she rest in peace and her family find comfort despite their loss.


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