Saturday 25 June 2016

We Had A Field Day!

We certainly had fun last Saturday - the weather was good - a bit breezy and overcast at times - but the crowds turned out to enjoy the fun.
We got there early and put up the Church tents. Those multisection gazebos can be a challenge to erect - you need to lay out the poles very carefully, and then wait whilst your Anglican Brethren do a special Dorset Pole Dance round them!
In our tents we had a prayer area, Hope-stones, children's activities [colouring, cake decorating, hair-braiding] refreshments- and next door, my little story tent. That was really rewarding - best bits for me were...
  • a Mum asking 'where in the bible can we find that story when we get home
  • a group of a dozen children who left after their story- then all turned and rushed straight back in, asking if they could have another one immediately, please?
  • one of my little friends from church, who came to me on Sunday before the service and asked for the end of the story, as she'd had to leave halfway through as she was in a display

I loved this Organ - with the perforated cardboard sheets that played the various tunes stored at the back 

There were many fun characters present - Stormtrooper, Town Crier, Dalek, etc

For High Flyers- details of the abseil [please sponsor me - click link on the sidebar!] and a raptor display - and for Big Eaters, lots of food outlets - many in cool vehicles

It was a very different feel to our Village Fun Day back in Kirby Muxloe. Some good ideas to learn from this new setting though. [but Ferndown definitely needs a better Sound System, it was inaudible even when you were within sight of the sound tent]
Thank you to all friends from both churches who turned out to staff the Churches Area. 

This Saturday - a Connexion lunchtime BBQ, then a Church Carwash and Cream Tea to raise funds for the work of Hope Now in Ukraine. As you can see from the picture above, all this fabulous Ferndown food is playing havoc with my waistline!


  1. Sounds like the Field Day was a success. It's so much nicer when the weather is favourable.
    What are hope stones?

  2. I shall post a full explanation tomorrow!


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