Friday 24 June 2016

Fifty Shades of Grey Again

Last year I mentioned using a Dr Beckmann whitener to improve the appearance of my white bath towels which were a dismal fifty shades of grey.
I'd had a voucher for a Dr B products and bought three items from the company.
Only in the past week have I got round to using the other two.
But I am so pleased with the results I decided it was worth blogging about them.
I haven't been paid for this [I don't do that sort of thing] but having found something good, I like to pass the tip on.
The second item I used was the box of Dry Cleaning Sheets.
These are sheets you put in the tumble dryer with items you would normally take to be dry cleaned. You open the sachet and use the damp cloth to rub any particularly stained parts. Then you put the garment [inside out] into the tumble dryer ON LOW SETTING for 20 minutes. Then take it out and hang it up.
Bob's green jacket had a particularly dirty patch along the inside of the neck at the back and also the cuff areas. So I rubbed these parts with the cloth then tumbled the jacket. Then I used a second sheet to do my grubby raincoat and my smart MoB dress.
They all came out much fresher looking [and smelling good too] The manufacturers claim each sheet will do up to 4 garments so that is much cheaper than a trip to the cleaners.

My final Dr B item was the Stain Devils Survival Kit. This is a pack of three stain removers- designed for various stains - ink, blood, grass, coffee,wine, curry, oil, suncream... Bob was changing the cartridge on his computer printer and something went wrong and he got red ink all over his light coloured trousers.

He promptly whipped them off and put them in the basin in the bathroom [he is well trained!] and I fetched the pack from the kitchen. I applied the correct liquid, left it for a few minutes and rinsed it off. Then did it again [it was a horrendous stain] and finally put the trousers in the washing machine.  I wish I had taken some 'before' pictures. The red marks on his leg looked like he had been in a sword fight. But afterwards ...we were both amazed to see the stain had completely gone. Bob said he was fully expecting me to say the trousers were beyond recovery. 
These products are not especially cheap - but if you shop around you can often find them on offer somewhere - or promo codes on the net. And to have white towels, fresh and clean clothes and stains removed efficiently and easily, these are all well worth the money imho.
Now if only Dr B would make a sachet that could ensure items come out of the washing machine totally creasefree and5 without needing to be ironed...
Update-just cycled  into town and found all Dr B stuff on offer  in Wilkinson, much half price. That's good news on a grey day! 


  1. Just looked up Glowhite on and they have a 25% discount if you buy four selected household products so I just might have a go!

  2. I bought my section on discount last year and I am glad I did

  3. Am rushing off to shop now! Thanks for the information.


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